Hope Town’s Full Service Marina

One of the most protected in Abaco, SeaSpray Resort& Marina is a full service, 61 slip marina designed to accommodate vessels up to 120’ LOA and drawing up to 7’ at mean low tide. With easy access to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Sea of Abaco, SeaSpray Resort & Marina provides all of the amenities discerning guests might expect from a first class marina operation.


High Season

Daily Rates March 1st – August 1st

Low Season

Daily Rates August 1st – February 28th

Tenders over 22ft. will be charged at regular dockage rates.

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Monthly Dockage Special

August 1st – February 28th

Boat must be checked in by February 1st to be eligible for Monthly Dockage Special.


Electricity – $.85/kwh
Water – $.40/gal

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Marina Layout

Approaches to SeaSpray Marina

There are several ways of approaching the SeaSpray Marina by boat from the Sea of Abaco. Upon approach, hail the dock master on VHF, channel 16 to advise of your length and draw. You will then be allocated a slip and given directions for approach. Please note that these tips are general in nature and that local knowledge or guidance is highly recommended for boaters unfamiliar with the Abacos.

North Man-O-War Cut
Once you have entered the cut, proceed due SSW towards the Parrot Cay chains. You can then navigate towards Hope Town harbor before proceeding South between Elbow Cay and Parrot Cay, or you navigate between Parrot Cay and Porgy Rock. Your choice of approach will depend on the draft of your vessel. From there, continue due South towards the White Sound Buoy and follow the markers into the marina. Always remember to enter the White Sound channel with the White Sound marker to your port side. The waters to the port side can be very shallow at low tide, if your vessel draws more than 4’, be conscious of tide and route, as many a vessel has found itself aground when not heeding this advice. Vessels with drafts deeper than 4.5’ are advised to make their approach to the Marina at medium or a high tide, especially if they are new to Elbow Cay. Once in the channel, stick to the center and follow the markers for a smooth entry into the mouth of the SeaSpray Marina.

South Man-O-War Cut
This approach can be tricky if you’re not familiar with the Cays, and local knowledge / guidance is suggested. A plethora of reefs and exposed coral heads create a potential hazard, and as such this approach should be well planned prior to setting out. Once past the cut, and assuming that your vessel draws less than 5′, you can navigate between Parrot Cay and Porgy Rock and towards the White Sound marker. Again, ensure you enter the White Sound Channel with the marker off to your port side, stay center of the channel, and follow the markers to the mouth of the SeaSpray marina.

Tilloo Cut
A favorite approach by both locals and visitors, this approach is probably the most straight forward and forgiving when entering SeaSpray Marina. Occasional swells can be significant, but boaters regularly ride the waves in after a long day at fishing. The Tilloo channel is also popular due to its color differential and highlighted bottom. Its bright blue color is easily recognized and can be spotted from the very beginning of the channel. Boats with drafts of 5’ or more should be aware that the waters between Lubbers Quarters and Elbow Cay can be somewhat shallow at low tide, and as such preference should be given to medium and high tide approaches.

North Bar Cut
This is the closest cut / channel coming from the Southern islands such as Nassau, Eleuthera and the Exumas. Boaters tend to enter the Sea of Abaco after several hours in the open ocean, and as such should maintain awareness of their surroundings. Upon entrance  into the cut, navigate around the Tilloo bank due to shallow waters and high rising reefs. Once past the Tilloo Bank, navigate between Lubbers Quarters and Elbow Cay until you reach the White Sound marker. Enter the White Sound channel with the marker to your port side and follow the markers into the mouth of SeaSpray Marina.

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Our villas are furnished in the Abaconian style celebrated on Elbow Cay, and are fully self-contained, boasting bedrooms, a living room, complete kitchen and private outdoor deck space for lounging and taking in the breathtaking views. If all our Villas are booked, we are happy to arrange accommodation close to the marina at a different rental property.

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Sea Spray Resort and Marina

Sea Spray Resort and Marina